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What Should I Do To Him??

Just here to support my boyfriend, maybe give him what he REALLY wants. I have fun with him regardless, but thinking about taking this to the next level. So my boyfriend is really into all this ballbusting stuff pretty hardcore. But he kind of flip-flips between these 2 main fetishes.... Click to Read More

Permanent Blue Balls (Part 6, Final)

She grasped the doomed dick, and ever so carefully picked exactly the right place to slice, she gingerly gave him the tiniest of paper-cuts, the knife was well sharpened, she could see that better than he could, "Did you feel that at all?" she asked him, "Feel what?" He tries to peer at... Click to Read More

Permanent Blue Balls (Part 5)

The last hand-cuff locked in place, she got off of him, his cock immediately springing up, like a heat-seeking missile it pointed right for the heat between her legs, that it wanted so badly to reach. She blew him a quick kiss, and patted his "missile" briefly, saying "I'll be back for you in a... Click to Read More

Permanent Blue Balls (Part 4)

He couldn't believe she'd actually agreed to wear that outfit for him, all the times he'd wanted to see her in it she'd resisted, something to do with the girls from her school treating her like shit, who wore uniforms like that one, he hadn't pressed the issue, she'd been wearing sexier and... Click to Read More

Permanent Blue Balls (Part 3)


I _______________ being 100% sure of my desire to have my penis cut off and destroyed permanently agree to allow _______________ to chain/restrain me, sexually abuse me, and cut off my penis without being allowed a final... Click to Read More

Permanent Blue Balls (Part 2)

How to proceed: Securely restrain the man, make sure area, penis and all tools are clean. Apply elastration band to the man at the very base of his penis. Apply superglue to the band, to keep it securely in place. If you give him one last fuck at this point, it will be entirely one sided, she... Click to Read More

Permanent Blue Balls (Part 1)

They had been dating for a few months, each had a bit of an odd fetish, he liked it when she'd play rough with his balls, and she liked to give him blue-balls every now and then. Neither understood why they enjoyed those things so much, but both grew to enjoy giving the other what they wanted.... Click to Read More

Her 1st Crush... (Part 4, Final)

Even now, she was sexier than ever to him, as she played with the testicles she'd destroyed, causing him further agony, he watched in horror as his penis slid between those sexy lips, painted with black lipstick, contrasting the white teeth as they closed down on his penis.

She took her... Click to Read More

Her 1st Crush... (Part 3)

"Too bad you couldn't guess who I am, now you'll never get to have me, like I just enjoyed you... let’s see what’s left down there, shall we?" He was in the most intense pain he'd ever felt, he didn't even need to see, he knew his balls had been destroyed, he'd felt each as they'd ruptured with-in a... Click to Read More

Her 1st Crush... (Part 2)

She climbed onto him, straddling his naked form, he felt immediately she wasn't wearing any panties, and his excitement couldn't be greater. "Are you sure we've never met before?" she asks him again. "No, I'm horrible with names but I'm pretty good with faces, and I can't recall yours, sorry", Then she... Click to Read More

Her 1st Crush... (Part 1)

She met this guy online, well she met most guys online now a days, it was easier for anonymous hook-ups and one night stands. Plus she got try out all sorts of different sexual fantasies and fetishes. She had long ago learned that just the right move, just the right word, and the reactions she got from... Click to Read More

Her Sexy &Quot;Fuck Me Harder Boots&Quot;...

It started out innocent enough, she'd kick him in the balls a few times with her boots, and they’d screw each other’s brains out afterwards from how horny it made them both, eventually they both wanted to try a new method of hurting his balls with her boots.

One day he suggested she try... Click to Read More