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Stories Of A Bitch Episode 3 Part 1

Episode 3: Im Schwimmbad Heute hatte sich Helen etwas ganz exklusives einfallen lassen. Es war ein regnerischer Tag. Der Junge hatte sie wieder einmal gebeten, das sie ihn treten und im Schmerzen zufügen soll. Daher hatte sie sich einen schönen Ort dafür ausgesucht. Sie wollte ins... Click to Read More

Stories Of A Bitch Episode 2

Episode 2: Fußtrittolympiade Heute stand etwas besonderes auf dem Plan. Eine sogenannte Fußtrittolympiade, bei der es darum ging wieviele Tritte ihr Sklave aushält. Helen hatte sich dafür schon eine kleine Auswahl an Schuhen zurecht gelegt, welche folgendermaßen aussah:

- Ihre orangen... Click to Read More

Stories Of A Bitch Episode 1

Stories of a Bitch Helen ist ein 18jähriges Mädchen aus Deutschland. Sie hat seit neustem einen Sklaven. Er ist männlich und 20 Jahre alt. Er sah sie vor knapp 1Woche in der Stadt und fand schnell heraus, das sie single war. Ihr makelloser Körper und ihre Erscheinung bewegten ihn dazu, sich ihr... Click to Read More

Mistress Kate - Visit 1

In recent times, I started to develop a very strong curiosity with BDSM. I quite like the idea of being submissive to powerful females. I was becoming curious about being degraded, humilated, and even subjected to some pain by a woman who was experienced and enjoyed what she was doing. I started to... Click to Read More

Busting Brad Part 3

Startled, she stopped rubbing her clit and pulled her hands away from her crotch. He took this as a sign that it was his turn. He climbed onto his bed, laying next to her, and reached down to touch her. Her first instinct was to shy away because, even though he was very nicely built, he was still... Click to Read More

Busting Brad Part 2

"What do you mean?"

"Well, even though I'm sorry that I kicked you in the balls, I did really enjoy it. It really got my heart racing, and it was sexy in its own way. If you want, I guess I'd be willing to kick you some more and then apologize for it. It did really turn me on to kick... Click to Read More

Busting Brad Part 1

"Oh my god, Breanna, I can't believe that your brothers are really wearing those tiny speedos and serving us drinks!"

"Well, they'd better, they lost the bet fair and square. You know that if I'd lost they'd hold me to my end."

"What would you have had to do?"

"Oh, basically the same... Click to Read More

Swat The Fly Part 2

When I finally got past the pain, I found that the room had emptied, everyone apparently taking the end of the movie as the sign to go their separate ways. Except that Betsy was still sitting there, now on the floor in front of my chair, facing me (another good angle for catching glimpses into her deep... Click to Read More

Swat The Fly Part 1

I was hanging out in the rec room watching a movie with some friends when a couple of the girls from down the hall came to join us. I was sitting in a chair, by myself, and Betsy, the big-titted brunette from down the hall who'd never really given me a second glance wound up sitting on the floor leaning... Click to Read More