Full Weight Testicle Standing

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From: balldacious
2 year ago
Tags: ballbusting

| Scene from http://clips4sale.com/46787

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posted 2 year ago

Thanks stevecr8. yup completed many of my fantasies also, so glad others have the same fantasies! I don't normally watch my own clips for pleasure.. but this one defiantly does it for me :-)

Tiffany is never nervous about hurting balls, she is quite brutal and happy to cause as much damage as she can. I could not see much as the mask and the restraints made it nearly impossible.

It hurt like a mother fucker, but at the time I was unaware she was going full weight, my camera girl and Tiffany told me after the scene that she was going full weight, I was rather amazed that I was able to take it after I found out! Had I known at the time I would likely have been much more nervous.

Yes, my balls are bigger & tougher as a result of all the punishment they endure. I do have some permanent damage, like a persistent hydrocele I have to drain at least once a week, but I'm proud of it, like a battle scar left by really hot girls:-)

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posted 2 year ago

No it was full weight, we weighed her before this shoot and she weighed 99 Lbs.. this sample clip does not really show the best perspective of the full weight I agree... but rest assure she went full weight.

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