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One Random Tuesday Stacey and I had been together for months, and things were great. We got along extremely well, and she was awesome to hang out with. But, for purposes of this little story area, I'll mention our fetish life: I could not have asked for more. She would bust me very regularly... Click to Read More

Happy Birthday To Me, Part 2 A few days later, Friday had arrived. I went to my only class of the day, and then pretty much just hung out. I know I should have gone to the gym to work out, but I wanted to conserve my energy for that night and tomorrow night. It would suck if, while I was... Click to Read More

Doctor Evil

Brad was finally called back to the exam room by the nurse after over an hour of waiting to be called. All he needed was a sports physical before he was allowed to play club hockey at his college and hated going to the doctor. He huffed as he got up and whispered "finally" as he walked through the door past... Click to Read More

Happy Birthday To Me

Winter break had just ended, and we were back at school, my roommates and I beginning the final semesters of our college education. I wish I'd had the sense to realize at the time, though; I was mostly thinking about my upcoming birthday, my first with a serious girlfriend. Leading up to my... Click to Read More

Selfdefense Pt.2

When he stood up again 10 minutes have past. He is still Holding on to his balls.

"Mrghmm That was really clever of you arghh smart girl. Using the enemys weakness is really good. So Since you know so much about selfdefense we can now do like a little fight. Just a bit wrestling mhmm alright?"... Click to Read More


Jenn is a really beautiful 18 year old girl. She was sent to a selfdefense training by her Mother because she said that a cute girl like her in dark Streets could be dangerous for her. So After some lessons Jenn wouldnt have to fear anything anymore. She is so annoyed that her Mother made she do this. Jenn... Click to Read More

Balls In The Freezer

....... Next, I stood up and walked past Pea Nuts, smirking at him as I headed for my newbie, Kyle. I instructed Jenny to unlock his cage and his privates from chastity. In the few minutes it took her to get the key, I spent some quality time rattling his cage, tossing his testicles quite sharply in... Click to Read More

Annoying Brother

Jenna was in her senior year in high school and wanted to enjoy being with her friends for one last summer before they all headed off to college. Instead of being able to go with her friends on a senior trip, her parents were making her go on a vacation that surely wouldn't be as fun as the teenage... Click to Read More

Hailee'S Tight Grip (10 Girls Ballbusting One Guy)

Audio version here: - comes with the text story. Just the text version here: Here's an excerpt from the story, it's an epic 58-pager. The girls all cheered me on and started gathering around Chris, hanging over his shoulder and grinning down... Click to Read More