Current City:Cincinnati
About me:I'm a gay man who in fact loves ballbusting! I do meth so it makes me want to have a busting session and wanting to experiment and have a guy let me bust him and if he doesn't want busted then of course he can wreck my balls. I really enjoy getting kicked from behind with my bare balls hanging for the perfect kick. I also like to have my balls uppercutted. I like to start out with my balls being kneed while I'm clothed, then gradually strip down so my balls will be defenseless and they can have the busting of a life time from a really attractive man at.
Turn Ons:Ballbusting, big dicks, black hair, can take a beating, getting my balls kicked, kneed, uppercutted, squeezed.
Turn Offs:Girls, blood
Interested In:Guys
Hobby:Videos, busting friend, friends, older guys, get high on meth, then have a man just knee me in my balls as hard as he can. I'm here to get my balls busted while we get super high. Just kick my balls really hard.