Brunette Ballbusting

Brunette Ballbusting

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3 year ago
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A brunette cougar smothers a guy by face-sitting him, then jerks his cock for a while. Still in a smothering state of mind, she stuffs her G-string, redolent of pussy juices, in his mouth, and demands he lick her ass. She squashes his balls with her ass, bouncing and see-sawing for maxiumum squashing effect, then proffers him her pussy to lick. While he gets his tongue in action, so does she, finally getting down to sucking him, but she spends as much time biting him as sucking and makes him cry out in pain. The dude is not too happy... he must not enjoy painful encounters. Clearly this gal is more into giving pain than pleasure

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bbkings00 posted 3 year ago

do in POV. her do more with ass. her spread her ass. standing butt bombs. use cum shot in POV