Blondes Have More Fun Ballbusting

Blondes Have More Fun Ballbusting

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From: EroticHabit
18 days ago
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Puntsnutz's avatar
Puntsnutz posted 11 days ago

I would love to bust the guy.

namron's avatar
namron posted 11 days ago

I would like to explain why I keep watching this video on a daily basis:
1. the ladies are beautiful and have gorgeous figures.
2. the actors have a great sense of humour, I like the dry wit of the male model
3. I love the way the ladies interract with the audience, it makes me feel part of the performance

steven9966's avatar
steven9966 posted 13 days ago

Nice, especially after 1:00 when they are all nude. Made me even klick to their pay site.. :)

namron's avatar
namron posted 13 days ago

Let's name the model who starts the kicking as Miss Perfect (sitting on the left with her feet on the floor) because as I see it she has a perfect face and beautiful body. I love the way she smiles at the audience, it made me feel special! I like also their English accents.

namron's avatar
namron posted 14 days ago

The girls are beautiful! Especially the one on the left who starts the kicking, she has a perfectly shaped face. To have one's balls kicked by her would be an enormous privilege! But I would probably prefer that she kicked me barefoot. Then again if she said to me "how dare you tell me what to wear" I would feel I had not choice! Also I like the sense of humour displayed by all the actors.